Maintain Good Posture & Prevent Low Back Aches

As 2015 rolls along at a steady pace, CPT is sure that we’re all working hard on our “New Year’s” resolutions and have not given up on them!  Ok, so even if you are not, don’t we all have just a few minutes during the day to work on maintaining good health?  Here is one simple stretch to help prevent low back pain and help maintain good posture.  By maintaining good posture, we can prevent that dreaded ache in our low back, decrease the work load of our muscles and even prevent decline in other organs of our body (such as work of breathing and support of our internal organs).  This is a great exercise to be performed if you spend a lot of time sitting or in a bent forward position while standing.
Lumbar Extension Stretch:
1.  Stand Upright with feet slightly apart, place hands on the small of the back with the fingertips pointing so that they meet in the center of your spine.

2.  Bend your trunk backward at the waist as far as you can, using your hand and fingers as a pivot point.  Keep knees straight as you do this.

3.  Maintain this position for a count of 2 and then return to the starting position.

4.  Repeat and try to go further each time.  Perform 5 repetitions for every 2 hours that you spend in the same position.