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Brody Forman, PTA

  • Brody Forman, PTA
    • PTA: Northeast Community College
    • Member: American Physical Therapy Association, Nebraska Physical Therapy Association

Physical Therapy became my passion when I was younger after my dad was diagnosed Guillain Barre syndrome, a disease that causes progressive paralysis from the feet up. Seeing my dad go from being unable to walk and feed himself to returning to the things that he loves to do, through the help of physical therapy, was a powerful experience. I chose to become a Physical Therapy Assistant to be a beacon of hope and to build those patient therapist relationships that last a lifetime.

I believe physical therapy shouldn't be one person coming to take instruction from another, but a friend coming to another for help. One of my favorite parts about therapy is not only the fact that we help people return to normal lives, but also the memories and connections that are made. I believe it is true what they say, "Laughter is the best medicine." I strive to make physical therapy a positive experience where all patients feel comfortable.

To schedule an appointment with us, please call our Columbus office at 402-564-5456, our Humphrey office call 402-923-1011, or our Northeast Nebraska office at 402-371-8278. You can also use our online Request an Appointment form.

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