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Sports Injury & Performance

Get back in the game faster.

Even the best-conditioned, most experienced athletes can injure themselves. At Columbus, Humphrey Physical Therapy and Northeast Nebraska Physical Therapy - Norfolk, we are experts at helping competitive athletes, weekend warriors and active adults get back to their activity, game or sport as quickly as possible.

We are a certified Sportsmetrics™ facility. We are trained to evaluate and treat all types of sports injuries, including:

We also offer postoperative sports rehab, working closely with orthopedic surgeons. Our goal is to restore strength, flexibility and range of motion. That’s why we customize a thorough evaluation and treatment plan to each athlete’s capabilities and fitness level.

Our performance enhancement program – PEP – can help you through proper stretching, strength training, flexibility exercise and sport-specific movement. In addition, we can help with correction of gait, impaired balance, coordination and movement problems. Competitive runners, golfers, cyclists, basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, volleyball and football players have achieved higher levels of performance with help from our caring therapists.

And our BodySculpt program was created for people who want to build fitness and get into the best shape of their lives after their physical therapy treatment has concluded.

For the ultimate in athletic performance enhancement, our physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and strength and conditioning specialists offer sport-specific training, biomechanical analysis and speed, flexibility and agility training.

Get back in your game. Call CPT today for your preferred appointment.

Our sports injury patients come to us from Humphrey, Norfolk, Columbus, Albion, Schuyler and adjacent Eastern Nebraska communities. To schedule an appointment with us, please call our CPT office at 402-564-5456, our Humphrey office call 402-923-1011 or our Northeast Nebraska clinic at 402-371-8278. You can also use our online Request an Appointment form.